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  • High speed Cantilever type single wire stranding machine

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Product Description

1, Equipment application:

Cantilever type single cable stranding machine applied in the laying-up and stranding of power wire,telecommmunications cable,control cable,CAT-5,CAT-6,CAT-7 date cable and other special core-wire,alsoi can synchronously complete center wrapping or side wrapping.

 2, technical parameters

cantilever type cable single stranding machine
technical parameters  
machine type HK-630 HK-800 HK-1000 HK-1250
single wire diameter ø0.6-3.0mm ø0.6-4.0mm ø1.0-5.0mm ø1.0-5.0mm
max stranding wire diameter ø15mm ø20mm ø25mm ø30mm
stranding pitch 10-180mm 20-250mm 30-350mm 30-400mm
pay-off reel specification ø400-500mm ø400-630mm
take-off reel specification ø630 ø800 ø1000 ø1250
rotation speed 1000rpm/min 800rpm/min 600rpm/min 550rpm/min
shaft lifting electric hydraulic lifting
take-up tension pneumatic tension(adjustable)
stranding direction SZ left and right free option
traverse type take-up by self-running of wire drum,reciprocal traverse
wrapping way center wind-wrapping or side straight-wrapping

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