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  • electric cable production line

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Product Description

1,Equipment application:

The wire making machine suitable for the extrusion of PVC,PE,PU and other plastic material,mainly applied in the insulation or sheath extrusion of car cable,net wire,power cable,data wire,high frequency wire,building wire,electric wire.etc.The changed screw is suitable for extrusion of low smoke halogen free,nylon and other plastic material.

2,Technical parameters:

sheath wire and electric wire extruder
technical parameters
machine type HK-65 HK-70 HK-80 HK-90A HK-90B HK-120 HK-150 HK-200
pay-off shaft double-shaft type 800-1600 1000-2000 1600-2500 1600-3150
screw diameter ø65 ø70 ø80 ø90 ø120 ø150 ø200
screw L/D 26:1
MAX. extrusion output 130kg/h 150kg/h 200kg/h 250kg/h 280kg/h 400kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h
motor power 25HP 30HP 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP 100HP 150HP
wire diameter ø1.2-10mm ø1.5-12mm ø2.0-20mm ø3.0-25mm ø10-40mm ø15-60mm ø30-120mm above ø40mm
cooling device single layer/double layers U type single layer U type
haul-off power 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 10HP
MAX. line speed 500m/min 450m/min 400m/min 200m/min 100m/min 60m/min 60m/min
take-up type/power double-shaft bundle packaging ø1000mm-2000mm ø1600mm-2500mm ø1600mm-3150mm ø2000mm-3500mm

3,main equipment configuration:

     1,double-shaft pay-off rack(large-shaft pay-off rack)

     2,straightener platform

     3,main motor

     4,automatic dryer and hopper

     5,electric apparatus main control cabinet

     6,movable water trough

     7,laser diameter gauge

     8,high speed printing machine

     9,fixed water-trough

    10,double-wheels capstan

    11,horizontal type wire-accumulator

    12,power frequency sparker

    13,double-shaft take-up machine,etc.

    Can be optional for motorized pay-off rack,PLC control ,infuse color machine,high frequency  

    sparker,etc.The concrete configuration can be adjustable according to client's requirment .


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