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  • Tight buffered fiber production line

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  • Model and parameters:
  • Mainly applied in processing common optic fiber into tight fiber.
Product Description

1,Equipment application:

Mainly applied in processing common optic fiber into tight fiber.

2,Equipment  features:

   A.High configuration,the machine use IPC+PLC control system

   B.main electric parts  are importing,screw adopt the modern latest technology

  C.Gear tooth surface abrasion resistance.Low energy consumption of the equipment,a large quantity of extrusion, high production 

    efficiency, high gloss surface,small temperature difference,low noise, good stability, strong continuity of working, convenient operation,       long service life.

3,Technical parameters:

Bare optic fiber diamater ø0.254mm
Tight fiber diamater ø0.9mm,ø0.6mm
Production line speed MAX.300m/min
Optical fiber reels size 25km or 50km reels
Pay-off tension 0.4N-15N±0.05N
Take-up tension 0.5N-3N(adjustable)
Take-up reels size ø400mm
Production line length 19m
Power 26KW
Center height of production line 1000mm
Unique advantages
The strength