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The cable industry development status in our country

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                 The cable industry development status in our country
 Wire and cable manufacturing industry in the electrical appliances industry is one

of the largest output in more than 20 industry segment, occupy a quarter of its

production scale.

 In 2012 China's economy will present two characteristics: one is the years of

economic structure adjustment, the annual growth rate is gradually declining, rapid

growth may end; 2 it is since 2011 in order to control inflation and tighter monetary

policy, has brought the funds nervous, will tend to loose monetary policy in 2012.
 A cable industry bosses believe that crisis is dangerous and opportunity coexist.

GDP growth is slowing, unbalanced economic structure, the market competition chaos

are dangerous. However this period indicates "the strong constant strong" time has

come. Developing rapidly in the past, huge demand, industry concentration is low, low

level repeated construction of leading industry industrial structure there is a big

flaw, "the absence of high-end, low-end melee" phenomenon.

 Now slowing GDP growth, adjusting industrial structure, the change of market demand,

the innovation of business model, the improvement of the industry standard, cost

efficiency, the main raw material fluctuations in copper prices, will promote the

superior bad discard, bring up consolidation opportunity, make really good cable

companies have the opportunity to through acquisition, merger and reorganization, the

excess capacity integrated enterprise.